Wannabe Winefarmer

Built in 1822 the wine farmer house gets a makeover and sets us on a journey to maybe become winefarmers


Choosing an architect

I’m no expert in renovations and sometimes you need to choose the right expert. After visiting multiple architect offices, here’s my take on the project structure and the selection criteria that lead to the decision on who to work with.



The 3D model from the laser scans doesn't reveal the structure of the walls, floors and foundations. The first round of probing reveals the foundations (or lack thereof) of the annex. Most likely outcome: the annex needs to be re-built completely.



TL;DW: Assuming 35'000 kWh/Year in heating energy consumption I need to drill two holes of 225m depth each and attach an earth probe and a heat pump with an output of 18kWh. 🤓


Project management: The last thing you need is...

... a vintage wine corking machine. 😅😍But since we found this fabulous piece of decoration at the local flee market (the Bürkliplatz market in Zürich), we had to buy it! 😀


Playing with the 3D model and an AVP

This is a video of me using the Apple Vision Pro (AVP) of a friend. We wanted to get the 3D model loaded into the AVP but couldn't get it working right away. So this video shows the 3D BIMX browser on the iPhone next to the video of me playing with the AVP.


Hands-on: putting up a lamp

Whenever I change a light(-bulb) I'm reminded of why I studied Electrical Engineering at a world-class university (ETH Zurich).😅😍😀



Currently we do not offer personal tours. However, we have compiled the following three curated tours for you to enjoy virtually:


A bold decision.
A family project.
A place to live.
A past to preserve.
A future to build.
A challenge to grow with.
A journey to experience.
A story to tell.
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